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  1. Where can I find the single cup coffee maker used at Starwood hotels?
    I’ve seen this single cup coffee maker at both a Westin and a Sheraton, both owned by Starwood Hotels. It says “good blends” across the front but I haven’t been able to find out anything about it by searching. I liked it for its simplicity and would like to know if it is possible to purchase one.

    • family all a dollar had them on sale

      I have a dehlonghi 4 cup I really like

  2. What single cup coffee maker is better all the round?
    I’m looking for a reliable single cup coffee maker that makes good coffee and the pods/cups will be easy to find.and not over a 100 bux.

    • my father has a gevalia single cup coffee maker…he seems to love it..and i doubt it’s over 100 dollars.

  3. How many different one cup coffee makers are there?
    My mom wants one of those one cup coffee makers. I’m trying to find a decently priced one, but the only one I can find is the Keurig B60 Single Cup Coffee Maker, which is $120.00. I was looking for something a little cheaper. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • There are three main single serve technologies out there:
      1. Coffee Pods – The coffee pod is an open standard. Anyone can make them and anyone can make a pod brewer. Some of the most popular are the Senseo made by Phillips. Prices start around $60 at Target. You will find the most varieties of coffee available in pod form.
      2. K-Cups – The K-Kup is used in a Keurig coffee maker like the B60 you found. The K-Cup is patented by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters(they bought Keurig). Keurig controls the entire market.
      3. T-Discs – Kraft owns the Tassimo franchise and Bosch is the manufacturer of the new Tassimo system (Braun used to make them). They are priced at $99 or $129 and can make not just coffee but also lattes and espresso drinks.

      The most affordable units up front and in the long run (because the coffee is cheaper) are the Pod machines. For example, The Coffee Artisan is selling the Melitta MES5B Pod Brewer and a case of 108 coffee pods for $79.99 with free UPS Ground shipping. Average cost per 8 oz. cup is about 40 cents.

  4. Do single cup coffee makers really save you money versus a traditional coffee maker?
    I’ve been looking into the tassimo and keurig and hear good things about them, but I’m just not so sure about them being a money saver versus a classic coffee maker since their cups and discs are kind of pricy.

    • it’s quicker and easier to actually boil the kettle and make a cup of coffee.
      you will find you’ll spend more money on a coffee maker for filters and the right coffee used for the machine.

  5. What type of coffee maker makes most sense?
    Our wedding is around the corner and the one thing we are stumped about is a coffee maker. We’re not big coffee drinkers, but when guests stay over… we’d like to have something. Between the standard type, the grind and brew, and the single cup servers (which I like because of the tea and hot cocoa)… which one is best and dosen’t cost a fortune?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    • My husband and I ran into the same problem. I drink maybe one cup of coffee a day, he doesn’t drink any. We, like you, wanted to have coffee for guests if necessary. We decided on a standard type, but a smaller one- 5 cups- because it’s small, fast, and unless you have a ton of people who want coffee, you can give everyone a cup and let them drink it while you make a second pot. Plus the one we got is programmable so it can be ready for me in the morning when I get up. We got it from Target; here’s the link:

  6. Is there a single cup grind and drip coffee maker?
    Essentially, I like fresh beans!

    Is there a coffee maker that operates as a grind and drip single serve coffee machine?!

    So I put my beans in the machine and when I want a cup, the machine grinds the beans and drops them into a filter to make one cup of coffee? Or is there one that uses just ground beans that are drip brewed for one cup of coffee?

    • Single serve coffee makers work with ground coffee in pre-built capsules. Keurig offers reusable capsules into which you can put your own ground coffee. If you have a separate grinder, you could use freshly ground beans of your choice. Or, perhaps you’re thinking of super-auto espresso machines can produce single cups of various coffee drinks directly from beans which it grinds fresh?

  7. Can i use the grounds in an unused k cup in a regular coffee maker?
    I have some k cups that my mom was given by friends or workers, but we DONT have a single cup brewer, and I really wanna try making some use of these k cups. So i wonder if I could remove the lid on the k cup and put it in a filter and use the grounds inside with my usual coffee maker. Granted I’d have to use less water probably, or combine it with another k cup, but still, i think i could do it, but i wonder if it’s DANGEROUS or something.

    • Put a filter over the cup of hot water. Pour the coffee into the center. Push down into the hot water but don’t let the filter edges get into the water. Pull out after about 1 1/2 minutes.

  8. Coffee maker with pot and single cup?
    I have a Keurig Single Cup coffee maker, and I love it, but it gets annoying having to buy such expensive K-Cups once a week, is there such thing as a two sided coffee maker with one side coffee pot, and the other single cup? Thanks!

    • Yes there is. I don’t know who makes it, but I’ve seen them in catalogs. Drip maker on one side with a single cup on the other.

  9. Is it possible to use K-cups in a regular coffee maker?
    Can i purchase a cheap single cup coffee maker, cut the tops off of the K-Cups, pour it into the regular coffee maker, and it actually work? Seems like a good way to get around paying a crazy amount for a coffee maker i might use twice a week. Wondering if the K-Cups would be easy to break into.

    • Yes, you can just remove the foil top and pour the grounds into a filter but in the long run you are spending more money, k-cups are rather pricey.

      For the 12 count which is one serving, at my local grocery store it is regular price $8.99.

      For a whole bag (and green mountain, Nescafé, Folgers etc. make the bags also) you could probably have 3-4x more cups at the same price (sometimes cheaper).

  10. How many pots of Coffee does a 1kg container give me?
    I like Folgers. I buy the 1kg container but I often wondered if I am getting the bang for my buck. I use a 10 cup coffee maker and put six coffee measuring spoons in for one pot. How many pots can I make with one Kg of Folgers. Also, when you figure that out if you are smart enough, how many single cups does it total.

    • At the strength you’re making it, which is just a bit weaker than most coffees recommend, you’ll get about 300 cups per Kg of coffee.

      1 Kg coffee = 240 to 270 Tbsp

  11. Can you brew a single cup of coffee in a regular coffee maker?
    I can get a regular size coffee maker a lot cheaper than a single cup one, but it’s only me so I don’t need to brew a full pot. Is there a way to just brew enough for a single cup in a regular size coffee maker?

    • Well, you can but it won’t taste as good as 1 cup made in a small machine. I’ve found that coffee makers like to make at least 1/2 of a full batch. I think the thin bed of coffee grounds lets the water through too quickly so it doesn’t pick up all the flavor slow dripping would extract. You end up tasting more filter paper than coffee.