Cappuccino Color Vs. Espresso Color

Printing company brochures is necessary for all businesses. Coffee shops are no exception. Since they are one of the busiest establishments there is, marketing materials should be a stand out. It should be of high impact so as not to drown in the daily activities. Brochure printing can easily be sourced out from an online printing company. They offer ready-made templates of various designs or you can customize your own. They also offer proofing without having to pay upfront. However, before you do that, consider the following qualities of high impact brochures.

Qualities of a High Impact Brochure

1. Content. Always remember to create compelling headlines that would encourage your customers to pick up your brochure and read it. Include images with a minimum of 300 dpi for better resolution in print.

2. Paper Stock. The paper you choose is important for high impact brochures. Choose a paper stock that is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Choosing a thicker paper stock with a glossy finish or varnish can help in creating a classy image for your brochures.

3. Layout. The design and layout of your brochure determines the impact it will give your customers. Regardless of the content, when brochures are poorly laid out and designed, customers usually do not mind it at all unless explicitly given.

4. Color. Anything that is printed in full colors creates impact. A brochure made in black and white, when placed with a full color one, drowns. For aesthetic purposes and to create a classier image, choose to print in full color.

5. Visibility. Place your brochures in locations where people can easily see it. Depending on the paper stock you use, it can also be made into placemats. Customers waiting for their orders have no other choice except to read it. You can also put it near the entrance where customers can easily pick it up when they enter.

Printing company brochures with impact creates your image. It does not only create better patronage, it also creates a better return of investment.

cappuccino color vs. espresso color